Hello friends,

Here at Fuerte Action, we have been designing and making clothing and accessories with passion since 1986, obsessing over the fine details from design concept right through to landing here in our shops in Fuerteventura.

Every garment in our Fuerte Action collection is designed locally on the island and made to the highest standards in Spain and now also producing part of our collection here in the Canary Islands directly. 

We’re a local company and produce limited quantities so you can be sure to take a unique piece of Fuerteventura back with you. 

I welcome you to Fuerte Action: Action, Passion & Island Lifestyle.

Orlando Lavandera 


                                             Our Story

In 1986 Rene Egli created what has become a recognizable name in Fuerteventura. It all started in one small shop with one brand and has developed into a chain of shops and our one brand. Our philosophy has not changed in all these years which is to provide you with the best quality products possible, inspired in the landscapes, the philosophy and way of life of the island. 

In 2017, René sold the company to Orlando Lavandera, originally born in the island and who returned to live in Fuerte after having been working and living abroad. After graduating from Oxford Brookes University, Orlando lived and worked in the UK and USA and spent time as a Marketing Manager and traveling to events in places from Austria to Turkmenistan to Maui (HI) with the Professional Windsurfers Association. Now in the island he is fully focused on growing the Fuerte Action brand with designs and products from the Canary Islands.